Year:2023 Volume: 8 Issue: 1 Area: Education & Pedagogy

Anton M. Pillay and Jeremiah Madzimure
Analysis of Online Teaching and Learning Strategies and Challenges in the COVID-19 Era: Lessons from South Africa, pp.21-37.
This paper analyzes online teaching and learning strategies and the challenges involved in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Three years on in the pandemic, universities have struggled with the challenges faced by the move from traditional learning to online teaching and learning. Instructional strategies have advanced rapidly given the epidemics realities of isolation, separation, and distance but not all of them have been successful. A cause for concern is that the well documented benefits of online learning become diminished as the negativities of online learning become more obvious. For example, technological difficulties are becoming more prevalent, as inadequate technical skill sets and levels as well as incompatible teaching styles. Furthermore, a lack of engagement between students and instructors, and poor communication further hampered online learning. From the view of academic staff developers, this study analyzes online learning strategies and provides recommendations for lecturers to take heed of in a world designed on Covid-19 restrictions. The study is important for both lecturers and students struggling with online learning and institutional wellbeing as it reflects on post-Covid dynamics. Based in South Africa, the study provides a Pan-African perspective.

Keywords: Online Learning, Online Teaching Strategies, Distance Learning, Higher Education, South Africa
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