Year:2020 Volume: 5 Issue: 1 Area: History

Gregg L. Carter
Book Review: Giray Fidan. Chinese Witness of the Young Turk Revolution: Kang Youwei's Turk Travelogue. Translated by Giray Fidan. New York: Kopernik Inc., 2019, pp. 18-20.
Giray Fidans translation of Kang Youweis travel book through Turkey, Chinese Witness of the Young Turk Revolution, is the first full-length, English language translation of Kangs Travelogue, offering readers a unique glimpse at Chinese perceptions of the social and political circumstances in Turkey following the Young Turk Revolution. Fidan is a professor of Chinese Translation and Interpretation at Ankara Hac Bayram Veli University in Ankara, where he specializes in Chinese perceptions of the Ottoman Empire and Republican Turkey. He is well-positioned to bring a rarely seen work to the attention of English readers.

Keywords: Ottoman Empire, Kan Youwei, Chinese Studies, Sinology, Young Turks, Middle East Studies
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