Year:2020 Volume: 5 Issue: 1 Area: Religious Studies

Nour Alanbari
Book Review: Jonathan A.C Brown. Slavery and Islam. London: Oneworld Academic, 2019, pp. 24-26.
Humanity today feel moral repugnance towards the idea of slavery; we lament at the thought of slavery and the amount of suffering, pain, torment, and death the innocent people had to endured in chains. Slavery has left deep scars upon our societies, stinging to this very day. How, then, do we react to the fact that many societies, civilizations, and religions, including prominent and respectable figures of moral authority, have engaged in some form of slavery in one way or another? Georgetown scholar Jonathan A.C. Brown touches on this sensitive and timely topic as the Middle East is trying to heal the scars of ISISs futile attempt of to bring slavery back and the US is dealing with the outcomes of its slavery legacy.

Keywords: Islam, Slavery, Middle East Studies
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