Year:2022 † Volume: 7 † Issue: 2 † Area: History †

Karen Ferreira-Meyers
Book Review: Laura M. Zucconi, Ancient Medicine. From Mesopotamia to Rome, Grand Rapids, Michigan: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2019, pp.61-62.
In her foreword to Laura M. Zucconiís lengthy publication on ancient medicine, Candida Moss, Cadbury Professor of Theology in School of Philosophy, Theology, and Religion of the University of Birmingham (UK), indicates how important the authorís work is as it brings together a number of research fields, often examined in silos or ďbalkanizedĒ (p. xv) areas of expertise. According to Moss, Zucconiís transdisciplinary approach is what is most exceptional in this publication; a ďcomplicated web of geographical, social, and historical boundariesĒ (p. xvi). At the start, besides the foreword, there is a section on abbreviations and acknowledgments. At the end, a detailed bibliography and three handy indexes (authors, subjects, scriptures and other ancient texts) complete Zucconiís superb work on ancient medicine. As both historians and medical practitioners will probably constitute the majority of this publicationís readers, the introduction explains some general health-related concepts, such as health, disease, illness, healers and patients, as well as a historical overview of the contextsótime and placeódiscussed.

Keywords: Medicine, Ancient, Mesopotamia, Rome, Egypt
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