Year:2021 Volume: 6 Issue: 2 Area: Religious Studies

Karen Ferreira-Meyers
Book Review: Robert J. Barro and Rachel M. McCleary, The Wealth of Religions: The Political Economy of Believing and Belonging, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2019, pp.30-34.
A preface, eight chapters, notes, a bibliography, and an index are what constitute Barro and McClearys in-depth analysis of the wealth of religions. The books title is very attractive, and at the same time quite provocative, as politics, economics and religions are widely debated topics in most societies these days, but people remain reserved to tackle certain aspects, in particular the link between money, markets and religious beliefs and belonging. Bringing together the views of an economist, Barro, and a moral philosopher, McCleary, leads to an interesting approach to religion as different from a social construct, the main idea upon which reflecting and debating religion has been based upon for years, if not centuries.

Keywords: Political Economy, Religion, Wealth, Economics, Secularization Hypothesis
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