Year:2018 Volume: 3 Issue: 1 Area: History

Zachary Wise
Book Review: Sean McMeekin. The Russian Revolution: A New History. New York: Basic Books, 2017, pp.27-29.
The Russian Revolution: A New History is a very detailed narrative of what can be regarded as one of the most influential events in the twentieth century that reflects on the political, social, and military history of Russia and World War One. Sean McMeekin meticulously re-evaluates each step the revolution took and the complex web of what was happening either at the same time or what the consequence of these steps were. The book is broken down into twenty-three chapters and organized in four major sections. The sections of the book are entitled: Twilight of the Romanovs, 1917: A False Dawn,: Hostile Takeover, and The Bolsheviks in Power. The author primarily focuses on introducing new theories on the Russian Revolutions global impact in general and its impact on Eastern Europe in particular. Lastly, McMeekins book comes at the hundred-year anniversary of the Russian Revolution thus breathing new historical thought on the subject.

Keywords: Russia, Russian Revolution, World War I, Bolsheviks, Communism
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