Year:2023 Volume: 8 Issue: 2 Area: Political Science

Matthew Weiss
Book Review: Walter C. Clemens, Jr., The Republican War on America: Dangers of Trump and Trumpism, Washington, DC: Westphalia Press, 2023, pp.28-33.
Walter C. Clemens Jr.s The Republican War on America: Dangers of Trump and Trumpism provides a timely, rich, and insightful contribution to our understanding of the components, causes, and consequences of Trumpism against the backdrop of a towering political figure, the 45th U.S. President, Donald J. Trump, who refuses to go quietly into the night, as so many other former presidents have. Facing three unprecedented felony indictments at the federal and state levels and having thrown his hat into the ring once again as a Republican presidential contender in 2024, Trump and the ideology he spawned, Trumpism, will continue to cast a huge shadow over American politics for the foreseeable future. That few other Republican presidential aspirants have dared call Trump out for the illegal conduct that is at the center of the indictments is a testament to the iron grip Trump and his acolytes continue to exercise on the Republican Party.

Keywords: Trump, Trumpism, U.S. Presidents, the Republican Party, the 2020 Election, January 6th
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