Year:2024 Volume: 9 Issue: 1 Area: Language, Literature & Linguistics

Erin B. Jensen, Morgan Lanzo, Rebecca Spurgeon, Lauren Denhard, Danashia Tucker, Andrea Antezana, Robin Wiley, Reagan Cullen, Joy Dygowski, Ronald Klein, Emily Nagle, Katherine Scifers, Seth Farris, Anna Li, Jose Hernandez, Lauren Harper
Coauthoring with Undergraduate Students, pp.42-47.
This article focuses on the coauthoring experience of fifteen undergraduate college students and their English professor to write this article. We focus on figured world theory to explain the power dynamics we have encountered through our research about undergraduate coauthoring and how those power dynamics have come into play in writing this article. We also discuss what has worked well for us and what challenges we have faced.

Keywords: Undergraduate Students, Coauthoring, Undergraduate Publishing
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