Year:2021 Volume: 6 Issue: 1 Area: Interdisciplinary Studies

Cynthia S. Glass
Revisiting Plural Marriage in the 21st Century: Polygamy, Politics and Power, pp.1-23.
This paper reviews the complex history of plural marriage associated with the Mormon Church, giving consideration to views that are both favorable and unfavorable to the practice of polygamy. Interdisciplinary in nature, this paper delves into the religious underpinnings common to the practice of polygamy in the United States, alongside a discussion of media framing and court decisions that could impact the future of polygamy. Utilizing a social constructionist framework informed by historical information, media narratives from women who have experienced polygamy first-hand, and legal arguments surrounding the practice of plural marriage, the author argues that modern opposition to polygamy is rooted in ideas of moral superiority and is not aligned with many historical accounts of polygamy nor with the changing tides of legal recognition of fundamental rights and familial status occurring in the United States in the 21st century.

Keywords: Religion, Polygamy, Media, Family, Politics, USA
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